A Complete Guide To Learn About Ear Stretching

If you have not performed ear stretching before, then this article will inform you about the different methods to get your earlobes stretched.  You will also learn about the right way to stretch your ears so as to avoid any complexities and get it done in the right way.

When to begin stretching your earlobes?

This is the first question in the mind of people who are planning to perform this task. A person can stretch their ears only when their ears have completely healed from the piercing treatment. One can perform stretching at a sixteen gauge. Most of the regular forms of piercings are done at eighteen gauges. You will need to go one size larger during each earlobe stretch.


As your ears are not habitual of getting stretched, so you need to be gentle in doing it. You need to take good care of them. The initial step towards taking proper care of stretching ear lobes is to begin stretching them slowly. Stretch slowly and do it at the correct size. It will assist you progressively stretch more incoming turns.

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To what extent can you go stretch without any permanent holes?

As the earlobes of every person are different, so is their elasticity. Most of the piercing professionals suggest to not go beyond a zero gauge or a two gauge. Performing within limits will get your ears to shrink back to their normal size easily.

It is always advised to stretch slowly as it is a key factor in determining whether your ear lobes will return to its normal size or not. Slow stretch also helps in keeping your earlobes in the best condition.

What are the consequences of fast stretching?

When a person stretches his ear lobes quickly, then it can cause wear and tear in the earlobes. It becomes very difficult for the earlobes to again get back to their original size. If your earlobes don’t return to the normal size, then the only option left is to perform a surgery.


So, these are some of the important information when performing the stretching of your earlobes. It is a tricky thing and you can’t be careless in performing this task. Stretching earlobes in the right way will get you safe results.