Headwear for the workspace – wearing your brand as a hat

Many companies regularly entertain the debate about uniforms. Is there a need for a specific corporate look? In most modern workplaces this is something that is frowned upon or even reviled. People want to express themselves and wear outfits in which they can feel relaxed and comfortable. But there is a lot to be said for a corporate image. It doesn’t need to apply only to waitresses at fast-food chains. Done well it is something that can be subtle and fashionable while at the same time helping to create a sense of team and a unified feeling – without an actual uniform. One of the areas that are proving particularly useful in creating this feeling is through the use of headwear. There are several fantastic hat options that can help to create this effect. Here are a few that you might want to consider.

The traditional beanie

Obviously, this is a non-starter if you have a very corporate image. It certainly won’t work for a bank teller or a law firm. But if you operate in the outdoor space – anything from construction to forest rangers, a custom bean ie is a great way to create a simple team identity without having to resort to a full-on uniform. Find a stylish hat and get your logo embroidered onto it. Most staff will wear it without you even needing to enforce the dress-code. Beanies have the added benefit of being ideal attire for cold weather.

The cap

Who doesn’t like a branded cap? There are so many options here and so many styles to chose from. The good news is that the old-fashioned cap is now a widely accepted garment that is good to wear almost anywhere. It brings with it an air of casual and informal while at the same time it can be branded and designed to show membership of a team. Such has been the success of the cap that institutions as massive as the Australian cricket team have come to be known by the hat – The Baggy Greens is the proud nickname of the Aussie team.

The hard hat

In the construction environment, hard hats are compulsory. But make sure that your staff, be they builders or architects or electricians, can all be identified as being part of the same team. Get them hats in your corporate colours and get them branded. It doesn’t matter where you go, you want your people to be ambassadors for your brand. If they are working incognito it is all the harder to solicit new business and let the quality of your people and your work be easily identified.

The Character Hat

Sometimes there is merit is novelty headwear. Think a sombrero if you run a Mexican restaurant or a pith helmet if you have a safari company. These are the types of hats that send a specific message about the work you do or the product that you can promote. They are less likely to be worn as uniform, but they certainly work well when promoting a service or launching a fashion product.