Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

When you think of Christmas gift ideas, what immediately comes to mind is gift boxes. They’re a great way to save space in your home and to give a thoughtful gift for a loved one. You might wonder if gift boxes are truly unique and original. Well, here’s a look at some more unique Christmas gift ideas that are available in the market today.

Unique Christmas gift ideas include: personalized card holders, pen holders, coffee mug holders, picture frames, toilet paper holders, wine or beer holder, pet hang tags, coaster holders, and a lot more. These are not only interesting but they’re also very practical and unique. For example, one of the most popular custom holders is the custom pencil or ball holder where you can attach anything from your name, a favorite childhood stuffed animal, or even a telephone number.

Another great thing about them is that they’re often practical gifts for office workers. Many times, a person who works from home enjoys their coffee or tea with their coffee cup and keeps their purse open to take the next sip. It would be neat to have a holder where you can put your lunch or a fresh cup of coffee right next to the office desk. It’s a simple yet elegant solution.

A more functional yet also elegant solution is to give the office staff beautiful custom printed shipping boxes that houses everything they need to have on Christmas morning. You could have them get ready for the big day and slip the box under the tree.

A box with a photo of their favorite holiday can be used as an office function area. It can be used to store all their work documents, holiday cards, etc. A place to keep a journal can also be put inside.

The other type of gift boxes that are available are kitchen gift boxes. You can decorate them with gourmet products such as cookie cutters, baking pans, muffin mixers, and other kitchen tools, or you can even give them a chef theme.

Gifts for women are always fun, and this year is no exception. For women, you can give her a beautiful handbag with a picture of her favorite star on it, a bra gift basket, or a cute locket or box of hot cocoa, or perhaps a framed photo of her family.